Ladderlimb limited is a family run business which was formed to bring to market a unique new safety device, aimed at significantly reducing accidents resulting from working at height.

Our product Ladderlimb was developed as the result of an accident whilst working from a ladder which so easily could have had catastrophic consequences.

As the inventor of Ladderlimb, Alistair Taylor was painting the exterior of his house; he lost his grip on the tin of paint he was holding. Instinctively he reached out to try and catch the paint tin and almost ended up falling to the ground below from the ladder. Luckily for him he was able to regain his balance and prevent a nasty accident.

From this experience Alistair made up his mind he was going to go out and purchase a product which he assumed would be readily available in shops. This product he envisaged purchasing was something to allow paint tins and other tools to be held at the side of the ladder as opposed to in the user’s hand, thus allowing the user to maintain three points of contact. To his surprise Alistair discovered that he could not find such a product and as a result Ladderlimb was born.

From these beginnings, Ladderlimb has grown and is now being sold globally in excess of twenty countries.