The Ladderlimb Story

Our story begins with an accident, but yours doesn’t have to………

We’re Ladder Limb, a family run business that was formed to bring a unique new safety device to the market – aimed at significantly reducing accidents resulting from working at height.
Our product, the unmistakable Ladderlimb, was developed as the result of an accident whilst working from a ladder. It could have so easily had catastrophic consequences. Alistair Taylor, the inventor of the LadderLimb was painting the exterior of his house when he lost his grip on the tin of paint he was holding. Instinctively he reached out to try and catch the paint tin and almost ended up falling to the ground below from the ladder. Luckily for him he was able to regain his balance and prevent a nasty accident. From this experience Alistair made up his mind and decided he was going to go out and purchase a safety device which he assumed would be readily available in shops.
What Alistair imagined he would be purchasing was something to allow paint tins and other tools to be held at the side of the ladder as opposed to in his hand Well needless to say……there was no product! Ladderlimb was born and from these beginnings, we’ve grown and we now sell these ingeniuos devices globally in excess of twenty countries. The unique design of the Ladderlimb enables the product to fit securely into the hollow rungs of most modern day aluminium ladders. You will be able attach a paint pot, drill, bucket or other items that you require when working at height. Make sure you sign up for our updates and keep an eye on the website as there will be some exciting new add-ons for the LadderLimb system in the future!
We believe strongly in helping everyone who uses ladders to work at height, be safer! We’ve won awards and we’re very proud of them but it’s the reviews and testimonials we get from DIY heroes and Trades superstars that proves to us that LadderLimb is doing it’s job. It’s giving you that third hand on the ladder. Stay safe.

LadderLimb helps to make working up ladders safer

LadderLimb allows you to work with three points of contact making it simpler and safer to work at heights. Because the LadderLimb fits into the left or right hand ladder rungs, it doesn’t matter whether you are left or right handed.

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