Ladder Hook for the Trades

LadderLimb for the Trades

Welcome to your new workmate, the LadderLimb…


LadderLimb is the new ingenious device that will….

  • Help keep you safe on ladders and step ladders
  • Cut down the time you need to do the job
  • Allow you to keep 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times
  • Help you keep within the manufacturers guidelines for most ladder systems
  • Help you conform to Health and Safety regulations
  • Prevent you from using old bits of rope to hang tools
  • Stop you from using unsecured hooks to attach paint tins and buckets
  • Break the habit of using sections of pipe to create your own unsafe ladder hook
  • Help keep your colleagues or the general public, who may be below you, safe

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LadderLimb for the Trades

LadderLimb will fit into most ladder systems including folding ladders, 3 stage ladders and some step ladders. If your ladders have hollow rungs, LadderLimb can help! Check the dimensions here.

It’s a handy tool and safety device for gutter cleaners, decorators, roofers, window installers, insulation installers, window cleaners, electricians, plumbers (yes they use ladders too), builders, joiners, gardeners, maintenance teams, facilities management, lighting installers, tv and satellite installers, rough-casters, telecommunications engineers, cctv installers and many, many more.

When using ladders for work, you must follow the guidelines set out by the HSE – see their guides below. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HASWA), you are duty bound to do everything that is reasonably practicable to ensure your own health and safety and the health and safey of others around you.

LadderLimb helps you do this (as one of the many measures you should implement) by taking away the unsafe, homemade attempts at securing loose tools, buckets, bags, tins etc to the ladder.

Download the HSE guides

Working at Height – A Brief Guide

Safe Use of Ladders – A Brief Guide

What customers are saying about LadderLimb

I used this item many times and found it to be very good, holds my bucket when cleaning windows with no problem. I have bought my brother one and he is very pleased with the Ladderlimb.


When going up ladders for whatever reason it’s useful to have both hands free! A friend of ours recently fell off his small ladder trying to clean top of caravan! Broken wrist and not being able to drive for weeks! Not worth it when one of these would have avoided an accident! Husband now won’t go up ladder without his extra limb!

Beauty at Home

Simple and effective idea. Beats the hell out of “homemade” solutions to holding paint/kit securely up a ladder.

Mr. Paul Charnock

What a fantastic extra piece of equipment, great for when your up the ladder, extra hand.

Graham Bruce

These are absolutely brilliant, If you do a lot of ladder work like me then you’ll find this invaluable. Buy one and you wont regret it.

Shaun P

Best tool I have ever owned, makes ladder work so easy

Mark Charles Knight

Ladderlimb is a breakthrough in ladder safety when working up ladders. A must-have part of any professional trades person or serious DIYer’s tool kit. Having spent 34 years up ladders and using many different gadgets for holding paint kettles, tools, buckets etc, I am now only ever going to use Ladderlimb when up a ladder. Highly recommended….. How did I ever get on without my trusted Ladderlimb

Wayne de Wet, Grand Winner Dulux Select decorator of the year 2011.

Wayne de Wet

I think what you have done for painters is what cats eyes have done for drivers

Ricky Meredith

In my opinion you have created one of the best straight forward devices to improve ladder safety over the last 15 years. Every trades person who works up a ladder should have one as their vital 3rd hand helper. I have recommended you to a friend of mine with many connections within the trade.

Sean Wilkinson – Wilkinson & Son.

Sean Wilkinson
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