The LadderLimb System

— Approx 20mm at the end that inserts into the ladder rung.

— Aprrox 60mm at the widest part of the device.

— Total length is: 465mm.

The clearance when the clip is depressed is approx 10mm so be aware that if you are using a bucket or a paint tin with a handle that it will have to have a maximum thickness of 9mm to fit into the clip.


Please Note:

The system is designed to fit various rung diameters, therefore the tapered part of the arm may not go all the way into the rung of your ladder. This is part of the design. The LadderLimb tapered part of the arm should be inserted into the rung and must grip onto the inside of the rung. The straight part of the system, at the very end of the LadderLimb is not designed to grip the rung.


The button located on the clip allows the karabiner to be removed from the LadderLimb arm and is intended for future add ons. Those add-ons are currently in development so make sure you sign up for updates and keep a close eye on the website.



Intended for light work


Never apply excessive side loads to ladders as they can become very unstable very quickly when subjected to sideways forces

Intended for short duration work only

ALWAYS remove the load when descending the ladder

Ensure the spring clip is in the locked position and the load is securely attached to the ladder before starting the task

ALWAYS follow the ladder manufacturer’s safety guidelines

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